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We are specifically instructed by God to serve the body of Christ worldwide providing Church Educational Resources using the latest communication, technology, convenience and customer service. We have designed tools that the local church will needs to spread the Gospel unhindered and be effective doing it. We custom make and create unique direct publishing items for each separate denomination which can be accessed on a free webstore we create for them or on our web store Our professional suite of products makes it easy to produce and distribute to the people who need it. We have created tools that will allow local churces big or small to brand some of our resources with their church’s logo. As a pioneer, we are always exploring and improving the methods with which this is accomplished


From our unique direct publishing for each separate denomination, our professional suite of products makes it easy to produce and distribute your message to the people who need it; we even have create tools that will allow you to brand some of the resources with the local church’s logo. As a pioneer in the industry, we are always exploring and improving the methods with which this is accomplished


Each one of our customers will have access to a suite of tools that makes every part of the job easy and more efficient. With many tools and services available 24/7 on your free webstore or on our web store, you can create your own items when it is convenient for you.


We use the latest in printing, desktop and Internet technologies to bring you the highest quality products and services in the publishing industry. We pride ourselves on personally addressing your individual needs. From on-site training to phone support to personal visits from our representatives, you can be sure that we will be here to help you manage your ministry.


Pastors by their very nature are communicators. They take the time to learn and study each week, and then hone their verbal communication skills in order to bring a message that inspires and energizes. Many pastors have begun using social media as one way to build relationship with their congregations. Others have begun blogging as a way to communicate messages impressed on their hearts. We help the Ministers of God to expand their communication to the written word. Publishing their message is another tool to expend their reach to people both inside and outside the church. With the rapid growth of self-publishing tools along with print-on-demand services, many pastors and churches are beginning to use this communication tool as part of their overall ministry strategy and we are here to help to support their mission and work. In directly we know we are promoting the kingdom of God and serving the Lord.

Here are some reasons every pastor should publish:

  • Pastors are thought leaders. It is a proven strategy in publishing circles that pastors can influence a book’s success by simply mentioning it from the pulpit.
  • Books are less intimidating. Sometimes, books can give advice where a person can’t.
  • Books expand the ministry outside the walls of the church. Every pastor wants to reach new people, and books allow that to happen.
  • Books can help shoulder ministry costs. Although churches are not set up to make profits, book sales can be used to fund ministry efforts.
  • Books have fewer boundaries. Sunday morning sermons might live on in an audio format on the website, but books will travel to places the message will never reach otherwise.
  • Books allow deeper engagement. Thirty minutes on a Sunday morning might be enough to start someone’s thinking, but a book will drive them deeper into the topic.

Sunday School Books

We at Emmanuel Multimedia House specializes in writing, publishing, printing, and distributing the finest Christian curriculum for the body of Christ in all the worldwide markets. Our main categories are adult Sunday school, Youth Sunday School Manuals, Devotionals, Magazines and Children Sunday School Manual. Within these disciplines, students of Christ will find dynamic lessons, activities, online resources, and gain a deeper knowledge of Christian values. Our Sunday school curriculum is a holy spirit inspired work that equips the teacher and enlightens the student, enabling both to increase their knowledge of the Word of God. Sunday school directors, teachers, and students are provided with stimulating, insightful, and resourceful Sunday school lessons. Its design allows the user to quickly grasp the volume of information presented in this study. Its verse-by-verse format provides the best approach to preparation, presentation, and implementation of the principles of the Kingdom of God. It is inductive in approach and international in appeal. According to the word of God, its purpose is to reveal the will of God as one study the Word of God, so that the reader might have a closer relationship with God while understanding the guiding principles of the Kingdom principles and laws.

Church Owned Publications

We serve as the publishing arm for Church organizations to produce their already written and produced publications from their home country Headquaters. Publications such as Sunday School manuals for Adults, Youth, Children & Young adults, Magazines etc. We also publish their adminstrative books, Discipleship guides, hymnals, House fellowship study manuals and much, much more. Once the contract is signed, we produce FREE an ecommerce website store that links to their website for easy online distribution. Several modes of ordering are given. The books are designed and produced to meet the international standard in production and can be distributed to any country. We have designed a system to remove shipping in books from Africa, South America, India;(Where ever their Headquarters is) which is the challenge facing many these churches for quality produced church resources to its many branches under a unified and controllable organized system as seen in similar and standard churches in the 1st world countries where they reside, where such operations are very effective in delivery and distribution worldwide. The church members and non-members will truly appreciate the quality and value of the products being given to them in such an efficient and timely manner..


As a nonprofit media ministry, with a global vision, we're committed to creating Christian content that changes the people who change the world. You can count on finding trusted, thoughtful, and balanced content that encourages, equips, engages, challenges and inspires. Far from sticking to the conventional standards of “Christian” art, we create Magazines also for our clients who are willing to take risks, to express their deep-seated beliefs and convictions in their own ways. For Christians, this is a challenge and it can be daunting in a world where worldly magazines prosper and Christian magazine are far and few. There are thousands of magazines in the world today! Both in full print and online! If you are one of the thousands of individuals who have a particular interest and want to communicate with an audience that shares your interest, we can help you. Of the publications launched overall, 60 percent are started by newcomers to publishing. Twenty percent of those are by non-profit organizations. This is crucial! Your magazine/newsletter/ezine must represent a topic that you know about! If you don’t know the first thing about the Christian music industry, it’s probably not a good idea to try to reach that audience. You will be more successful with an industry that you are familiar with. We will work with you to make your product a success not to mention that promoting the will of God on its own, will activate success.


A Christian Calendar is a great way to stay organized for the New Year, and a Christian planner to keep track of your daily activities with your daily inspiration! WE produce Calendars in various sizes and forms; pocket planners, wall calendars, family planners and much more. Following a Christian calendar can be part of a spiritual maturing tool and it can be highly used for daily mediations. We also produce custom Calendars in–house that is very prophetic and very specific in purpose. Think of the Christian calendar as a “pilgrim’s map” leading to various and varied areas of profound spiritual encounter. Each Calendar topic is a prophetic word given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for that month; it’s a promise or counsel that will motivate and enlighten for the day.

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