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We design Websites and free estore for church publish packages.

Posters & Flyers

Professional Designed Posters and Flyers for book promotion.

Online Advertising

Guidance for online book promotion on various sites


We provide several other ways to promote books as a guide.


Our team of professionals with experience in the fields of website strategy, book marketing and web design — will build a unique website that captures the look and feel of your book or brand; then go above and beyond the design phase to help you develop content, keep your site fresh, integrate social networking, ensure that potential readers find your site, and more. The end result should aim is to achieve these:

  • Increased book sales
  • A closer relationship with your readers
  • Opportunities for readers to relate and contact you directly
  • A loyal fan base to resell to again
  • Interested agents and publishers
  • … And much, much more!

Best of all, we’ll work with you to build a site that meets your needs at a reasonable cost. Choose from a uniquely-designed site or a more-affordable web template. You can always add, or upgrade later!.




Have you ever been inside of a bookstore that did NOT have posters, display boards and free bookmarks promoting best-selling books? Of course not! That is because these items draw attention to new releases, and the store wants you to come in and buy those books! Simply put, you need these printed materials also. Now just because people are walking by your flyers or posters doesn’t mean they are paying attention to them. Effective print advertising requires careful thought and design. We produce affordable printed materials in smaller quantities for our new authors. We guide you through the process of choosing the appropriate materials for your book including size and quantity. Whether you are preparing to market your new release in the retail environment markets or planning for book signings and personal appearances, we are here to help and guide you all the way.

Pricing varies on quantity.


A flyer is an excellent tool to have to promote and give information at the same time. We will produce inexpensive flyers to promote your book. People would want to see what your book looks like. A colorful Flyer is great and it will hook your prospective buyers at first sight in addition to the headline in the top line of your flyer. Including your picture with a brief biography will cause the view to know you at a personal level. The flyer will have ordering information and where to purchase copies. This is a great toll to carry at all times.

Pricing varies on quantity.

Online Advertising

There are many options for authors to advertise their books online. Some are free and some, you will have to pay a fee. Some bring results and some do not. There are free resources through the Social Media, Internet articles, personal blogs, within several forums and within the author’s blogs plus support groups can be helpful in promoting books. Some paid advertising can be found on the radio sites, TV show sites and other popular websites as banners. The key is to find the right avenue that fits the genre of your book. There are sites that charge you by the click as people access the detail of your book. That doesn’t mean you made a sale, but someone was interested enough to take a look. You get to pay for their interest. We help our authors define what will be a good fit for online advertising and what will be a waste of resources and time.

Video/Trailer production

Trailers can certainly be a very different way to get attention for your book and today. The explosive growth and popularity of video allows an author to be seen by large numbers of existing and potential new fans. Video can directly impact your marketing efforts because it is a “shareable” medium that can create immediate buzz about your book. Video can foster deeper connections between authors and their readers by increasing the KLT (Know, Like, Trust) Factor which is critical to book sales. Video helps keep your book top-of-mind as the reader is faced with the choice of purchasing your book over another title. We create Videos that are cost-effective. Once created, it continues to deliver your message 24/7 with no other further investment costs.

Book Signing

To use book signing to market your book, your first goal is to make sure that people know about your book and are encouraged to buy it. Book signings are an excellent way to accomplish both goals. By speaking directly to your potential buyers, you give your book a human “face,” you have an opportunity to interact directly with the public, and your would-be readers have an opportunity to connect with you, your book, and its message. ***We reserve the right to choose the author we want to work with to promote his or her book.

Catalog Placement

Your products, your message, delivered directly to the customers who make the important purchasing decisions. Emailed to our retail and public library customers, submit descriptions (up to 150 characters) and a jacket image to promote new titles. Each featured title includes a buy now link. These weekly emails are great communication tools to reach our list of library, education and international accounts. Build your title selections around a specific theme or genre by including descriptive copy and jacket images.


Have you thought about buying billboard space to promote your book? Billboard advertising can cost about $10 per day. That's cheaper than a moderate ad in a glossy magazine, and far cheaper than some of those ridiculous marketing products and services! That's about $300 per month. There are also reasonably priced billboards to choose from all over the country. How do you find such places? We can give you a list of possible billboards to check at your own time. Some sites not only sell ad space on billboards, but some also provide demographics for the area, like how many people drive by on an average day, the average income of those individuals, etc.

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