Emmanuel Multimedia House, established in 2001, is here to help Christians with a passion for storytelling publish their books. This company was born from the challenges our founders faced when trying to publish religious books in a modern society. From those trials, our passion and mission was born.

Marketing books in the mainstream market can be frustrating for Christians. The mainstream audience can be hostile towards Christian books and their message. Our mission is to fulfil your publication's outreach by help you produce books expanding your outreach on all possible forms and on all platforms thereby making the process easier and more fulfilling. We give you all the necessary tools and knowledge to do so independently as self-publishers. We guide authors in various ways to market their books to reach its fullest potential.

We are here to hoist you over what seems like a insurmountable mountain, take the stress off deadlines, and help you create works that will live on for many generations. Our services will help you or your organization turn your vision into a printed book, e-book or audiobook and many more! Leave a lasting legacy with us and let us help you fulfil your spiritual calling. so that the message will live beyond your years. Don’t hold back. We are here to help you bring forth the hidden gifts of God within you through Books, e-books, Publications, Music and Video.


As a self-publisher you have 100% ownership of your book and gain 100% of the revenue made from the books, we have no ownership at all and are just a service to help you produce your book


Being a self-Publisher gives you have the ability to do whatever you want with your book; how you want to market and sell it, when you want to sell it, at your pace and to whom you desire to sell it.


From the beginning of your project, you move and write at your own speed, write about anything you want, no one pressuring you however when you get that writers block, we are here to motivate you and get the juices following again.

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